Aesthetic Conviviality: What type of investment is the purchase of artworks?


Aesthetic Conviviality: What type of investment is the purchase of artworks?

How the artwork resonates feelings and meaning in each of us? I ask, what we are investing on while buying art. When we bring an artwork home what our expectations are in terms of space and its function. This relationship of aesthetic conviviality starts by displaying the chosen object into our private spaces. Chosen artworks can cohabit our spaces for our lifetime They are present in each of the private spaces we create in our lives.

The chosen artwork creates an atmosphere transforming the space, activating its surroundings.  It demands a certain degree of compatibility to produce harmonies, meet expectations. Art collectors have their expectations met as they are constantly re-claro_5assured by the next artwork acquisition, fitting into a plan for its placement into determined category of works.

It is not an easy task to anticipate how our personal space will interact with the piece of art . Artworks ask for a “dating” period, experimentation, conviviality to reassure how mutual feelings resonate for a time at that space. If there is the  moment of encounter, it stays. Too much dissonance, failure to harmonize with its surrounding, the paths separate.

The truth is that our art preferences and the choice to coexist with that determined artwork reveals our own life style, values, tells a lot about our own identity. The artwork activates any space in a very personal level. The artwork not only activates the space but also interacts with its inhabitants. The installed artwork integrates into the space depending on how we visualized it placed in context. The exhibition of the artwork completes the aesthetic experience as much as the production of the work in itself.

Private and public spaces determine the level of intimacy we can experiment with an artwork. The connection is very different from having a painting above our bed crest instead of looking at it in a gallery or museum. Artworks are not to be kept in vaults. Even though, wall spaces ask for curatorial intentions on orchestrating its occupation.
















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