Blue Sky and a Day at the Print Studio: What More Can I Ask for?

What more could I ask for? For the artist and videomaker Jennifer Chan to agree to participate on my Portrait of Young Artist Project… and I just got the email with Jen’s consent! It is exhilarating to find what I was wishing to find but I was not really sure it would be there. I am talking about a certain ‘quality’ in my art that I believed that by accessing the artist/narrator./model oral history it would reveal itself. And after the first experiment with Claro Cosco I could see that this ‘quality’ is there, it arises from the interactive and self-reflexive character of interviewing. Interviewing actually is all about l i s t e n i n g…

By listening to my subject the words sink in my soul, I inhale the narrator, I am able to ‘decode’ more deeply what has been communicated even by the silences and smalls pauses and then ‘encode’ this perception into dots, lines, colors and even temperature.It is the start of a promising blue sky day!

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