Both/And: Real versus Unreal

 Both/And 2011

Real versus Unreal



Call for Submissions

The University of Toronto Art Centre art lounge is now accepting submissions for the following upcoming student exhibition: BOTH/AND 2011: Real Versus Unreal


Submissions Guidelines

All students are invited to submit up to three artworks related to the topic of Both/And 2011: Real Versus Unreal. This exhibition proposes an exploratory journey into our creative processes that very often gets to the opposite of the original inspiration: Either one starts from the material, from what is seen, and proceeds to construct the imaginary, aiming for the abstract, the transcendental. Or, the art arises from within as an inspiration, as a “mind thing”, that is then turned into a material object identified as an art piece.


The search is for the encounter, for the meeting of opposites: the real heads towards the surreal and the dream turns towards the material and concrete. The search is for the meeting point where the individualistic experience turns into an interconnected political expression.  


Both/And 2011 calls for students to elaborate on their own creative processes and their means of expression, in what can be called Meta-Dada. An artistic intention anchored in the existential, integrated into the lived experience.


This call is for the Streetlike and Dreamlike, Activists and Alienists, Realistic and Idealistic.  Gestures, words, lines, shapes, colours, light, sounds from the streets, from the living room, and from the dreamsfrom the imagined or from the raw reality as it is felt or it is seen.


This call is open to all kind of manifestations with a set of intentions to be shared with the community in a reflective matter.


How to Submit

All submissions must indicate the artist’s name, institution, phone and email. Submissions must be accompanied by the Jpeg image(s) of the work(s) along with the statement of how the work explores the creative process and the idea of what is real or what is or becomes unreal in his/her own artwork.


Please forward entries under the title “Both/And 2010” to Maria Campos:


Submission deadline: February 28, 2011 at 12PM. Selected artists will be notified shortly thereafter by email and the list of accepted entries will be posted on the Student Exhibitions page of the UTAC website:


We welcome: Paintings; Photographs; Small Sculptures; Video Art; Body Art; Performance Art; Wearable Art, Light work and Installations. All artwork must be ready-to-hang or present.



An art lounge curatorial committee will choose the artworks for exhibition. The following criteria will be applied: control of the chosen media; originality, and compositional quality. 


All accepted artworks will be exhibited at the University of Toronto art lounge from April 7 to April 30, 2011.


About the University of Toronto Art Centre art lounge

Located at University of Toronto’s St. George Campus, at 15 King’s College Circle, UTAC’s mission is to offer a space where students, emerging artists and student curators can exhibit and discuss work.

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