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Beyond The Technique to Creative Coaching

Getting into the zone is already a great thing in terms of making artworks. Above all, staying in it and progressing into a creative flow is something even more special. This sense of accomplishment, of […]


I am an Alchemist! Halfway into the Residency at Crujera’s Studio – San Felipe, Las Palmas, Canary Islands

The last two weeks have been a total immersion into learning several alternative techniques for etching copper and zinc plates using electrochemical processes. The electrolytic method is extremely effective for etching, offering varied ways to […]


Packing for Artist in Residence on Printmaking @ Las Palmas, Canary Islands

I am going to Las Palmas, Canary Islands, for an Artist Residency in Printmaking. Alfonso Crujera, master printmaker and author of the book “Electro-Etching Handbook: a safe, non-toxic approach” (2013) has been my guide for […]


Printmaking Travel Kit, Post-Modernity and Worldview

Lately, I have been dividing my time between Canada and Sao Paulo. Therefore, I have tried to integrate the two places into my life style and schedules making sure I have a studio to work either here in Toronto or in Sao Paulo. I also try to have a kitch…


Time to Celebrate an Old Friend’s Life

I put my project Colour Investigation in Intaglio on hold to come to Brazil and look after an old friend’s affair who passed away exactly one year ago.  I am glad I could go to one of the most beautiful locations I know at the Atlantic Ocean and spread Grant’s ashes giving him his deserved R.I.P.


Incorporated Experience

Today, it makes exactly one month since I lived Krumlov. At the time my senses were sharper than ever. I was pulsating sensitivity and images would come to my minda at any time. Compositions, with clear colours and scale would come from within.


Adeus Krumlov.

This is my last blog from Krumlov. The Artist in Residence Program experience showed me that the ‘residence’ concept works both ways: outwards and inwards.



There is a blank canvas beautifully primed waiting for me at my open air studio. I really like to follow the ritual of applying successive layers of gesso and carefully sanding the canvas in between each coat.


Several more Dots and Cobalt Blue

I am still disolving my self in leaving the doted marks on the canvas. It is like breathing in and breathing out, synchronizing the release of the brush with paint and then removing it.


Healing Scars: States 6 and 7

Healing Scars, acrylic on canvas (60 x 40 cm) has taken a process on its own. While, the intention of the painting, the attitude towards the gesture of healing, has been untouched. The elements in the composition have evolved into states. The movement…


Full Moon

I do not have much to say. I am just back from the concert and it was really so suberb that I have no words. I would not like to miss the blissfull musical resonance for nothing. It is full moon and I think that the dots are my notes.


My Heart is Into Dots.

The painting with the dots is progressing. Each dot is intentional and deliberately affirmative. Each dot has an individuality. I do not want to make them a conglomorate, a collective packed together. The dot has to remain a dot…