Falling in Love with the Image

Violinist_DetailMovementSEverything happens at the right place in the right moment.

Processing images is not different. Once the conditions are met, and the necessary mechanical means provided, the image blossoms into full existence. The image takes the artist by heart. Any resistance is futile! One can say that the effort pays for the results.

I can only agree with this saying after a couple of years renovating my studio, bringing equipment from far away and preparing the installations.

Studio 1

The good news is that Lotus and Spice Studio is now operational.

Next step is to test the equipment, investigate electro-etching timings to work on copper plates with more accuracy. Copper plates laminated with PURETCH™ Photopolymer Etch Resist also need to have its performance on 26-1K Mercury Exposure System tested and documented then adjusted to the tonal range available.


Meanwhile, I enjoy this feeling of rebirth. A nursery for art making leaves no space for empty nest syndrome offering the freedom of possibilities.

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