Futher Exploring ImagOn for Processing Images

printing-16Since I finished my colour investigation in Intaglio I have been working to improve my skills on processing images with ImagOn. The results are bordering the abstract, the original image is transformed acquiring a unique aura.
The process that combines digital imaging with printmaking uses a light sensitive polymer film. It is a blue film that hardens in light and dissolves on soft water. It has a gelatine feel to it that requires attention especially on the printing stage; if too much pressure is put onto the press the paper can stick to the plate.

ImagOn is also known as Riston, ImagOn Rapid, ImagOn Ultra, ImagOn Professional and other names. ImagOn performs well with oil based and water based inks. However, as it is a non-toxic process if compared to more traditional printmaking etching methods, I prefer to use water based inks. I am using Akua. Caligo is an oil based ink but it is washable with detergent and water. As I am printing from my home studio, this clean materials are ideal.

The aesthetic qualities of ImagOn are very appealing to me and I started drypoint on the plate to integrate photoprinting with etching and also using colours.


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