Marry me, Jens T. Wollesen! A Facebook Group for Informed Art History Students.

This webpage is worth visiting, at least as a proof that student life still has an irreplaceable fun character. More than 50 students have already registered on ‘Marry me Jens T. Wollesen.’

Jens T. Wollesen is one of the most amazing professors I have met at the University of Toronto, his lectures are memorable events that greatly impact the students’ way of thinking about the world and in particular about art.

Check out Prof. Wollesen’s fan club: “Information Category: Entertainment & Arts – Celebrities Description: Hurrah! A group for anyone who wishes to celebrate the wonderful Jens in all his glory. We liked your paintings of your cat Jens, your delightful life stories, and your quirky fondness for the word “actually”. And let’s face it, you’re a bit of a hearthrob. But we mean that in an entirely uncreepy way. Cheers to the real reason we all stuck with FAH100! Privacy Type: Open: All content is public to the University of Toronto network.”

By the way: due to my marrital status I am not registered however I do endorse the initiative.

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