Recent Snow (Michael Snow)

I went to visit Michael Snow’s exhibition at the Power Plant today again, for the second time. I have had this need to spend time with the artwork and re-visit it a few times before I can tell that I accessed it, I connected to the piece. Otherwise, the experience of visiting the gallery or museum seems alike one of driving through bilboards that flashes some information on your eyes and this is as far as it gets.

Tomorrow I am going again to visit the same exhibition as part of one of the courses on time based art I am taking at the Visual Studies Department at the University of Toronto. My Thesis course also required the students to visit Michael Snow’s ‘Recent Snow.’  I will have some more to write about this exhibition. Did you know that people spend an average of 10 seconds looking at an artwork of 2 x 3 meters? Think… just 10 seconds to capture the artist’s message…

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