The Silence of the Mind

I have being searching for the silence spaces of my mind, breathing with my heart after a period of learning how to let it go. My mother passed away on April 25, in the same week my paintings got stolen and I felt that I did not even have the opportunity to get the police protection the event required. My feeling is that it is time to let things go.
In the end, everything passes anyways and we are more than anything but historical. We all turn into archaic beings with time. The daily practice of Yoga is a blessing, effective in silencing the mind and soothing the soul. Meanwhile, between my Hot Yoga classes and biking rides around Toronto Spring flowering streets I am working on my new project: Colour Investigation in Intaglio with Professor George Hawken. I am still unveiling the bibliography, jumping from Goethe’s colour theory to Itten’s and standing on Joseph Albers’ experimentations. Now is all about body, soul and colours!

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