Monthly Archives: June 2010


Intaglio in Black. Plate interaction with Ink

How to fully document the process became a priority for the success of my Color Investigation in Intaglio. Even when I thought I was being diligent I ended up neglecting some data that I missed to reconstruct the etching stages. When working with multipl…


After Graduation: Krumlov!

After Graduation: Krumlov!I am looking forward for my Artist in Residence program in Krumlov, Czech Republic. It is so exciting to the point that my heartbeat rate doubles every time I imagine myself at that old town, dedicating my time totally to pa…


At the End of a Life Cycle the Feeling is of Gratitude

I just learned today that I am getting my undergraduate degree at the Faculty of Arts & Science at the University of Toronto with High Distinction. I cannot deny that the recognition of my efforts made me feel quite good. At the same time, I want to…