Monthly Archives: January 2010


Gesture – Etching Stages

Stage I: drawing on hard ground + 45 minutes bathingStage II: liquid ground


Bernini’s Andrew & Thomas (etching stages)

I have been working on this plate lately. It is a copy of Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s Andrew & Saint Thomas 1627 paintings (National Gallery, London).

Blue Sky and a Day at the Print Studio: What More Can I Ask for?

What more could I ask for? For the artist and videomaker Jennifer Chan to agree to participate on my Portrait of Young Artist Project… and I just got the email with Jen’s consent! It is exhilarating to find what I was wishing to find but I was not real…

Recent Snow (Michael Snow)

I went to visit Michael Snow’s exhibition at the Power Plant today again, for the second time. I have this need to spend time with the artwork and re-visit it a few times before I can tell that I accessed it, I connected to the piece. Otherwise, the expe…

Canvas Ritual

Preparing the canvas is such an important ritual. It is like getting ready to give birth and from it all what was just an ideal in potential becomes something concrete. The canvas starts having a life on its own. I keep adding up layers of gesso and some…

Stretching Canvas

I have been stretching canvases all afternoon.