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Falling in Love with the Image

Everything happens at the right place in the right moment. Processing images is not different. Once the conditions are met, and the necessary mechanical means provided, the image blossoms into full existence. The image takes the artist by heart. Any resistance is futile! One can say that the effort pays for the results.


The See-through Effect and Transparency Achieved with Golden Medium GAC-200

For quite a long time I have been experimenting with materials to get transparency on layering my paintings.Many different medium were used to work through the layers without success. Acrylic paints, gels, diverse range of oils and glazing did not p…


OMG how do I dare to be cute?

These conflicting sensations take over my artistic soul again.How do I dare to want to be cute?Yes, I was told more than once that if I wanted to be an artist I could not produce “cute” things.However, the naked truth is that I like to be cute.


Creativity Flows in Harmony with the Heavy Snow Fall

For the last months, I have started dozens of artworks but I have not finished any of them. They seem to be waiting for my attention at the studio to awaken from a static state as suspended in time. These paintings and plates are pulsating in my mind,…


Adeus Krumlov.

This is my last blog from Krumlov. The Artist in Residence Program experience showed me that the ‘residence’ concept works both ways: outwards and inwards.



There is a blank canvas beautifully primed waiting for me at my open air studio. I really like to follow the ritual of applying successive layers of gesso and carefully sanding the canvas in between each coat.


Several more Dots and Cobalt Blue

I am still disolving my self in leaving the doted marks on the canvas. It is like breathing in and breathing out, synchronizing the release of the brush with paint and then removing it.


Healing Scars: States 6 and 7

Healing Scars, acrylic on canvas (60 x 40 cm) has taken a process on its own. While, the intention of the painting, the attitude towards the gesture of healing, has been untouched. The elements in the composition have evolved into states. The movement…


My Heart is Into Dots.

The painting with the dots is progressing. Each dot is intentional and deliberately affirmative. Each dot has an individuality. I do not want to make them a conglomorate, a collective packed together. The dot has to remain a dot…


Healing Scars.

This state of awareness creates an interesting connection with the body-mind interactivity. I have been very sensitive to the any small body discomfort. If my feet complain I listen and massage them with herbal oils. If my skin is dry, I nourish it. In…


Taken by Nature.

I think of dots and end up being driven by lines and texture.  The surrounding combination of being integrated into nature at the same time humanity is so present in shaping the hills with a concentration of houses that have survived invasions, wars, and…



After the rain, I am back to my morning running around the castle’s pond.