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Rainy Day

It has been raining all day long. I managed to add a layer to my two paintings but it will take longer for the gel medium I am applying to dry. So, I was starring at the walls for hours. So, I took the opportunity to make drawings.


Franz Kafka ‘Meditation’ and Osho ‘Yoga’

It is like swimming in open ocean, the feeling of expansion is so intense. It brings to the surface repressed fears, ignored fears, even unknown fears as the fear of freedom. Fear of freedom is the most striking one. Beyond the constrains of language, be…


Two Paintings, One Drawing, and a Blank Canvas

The plan was to start my day by giving my three pieces their finishing touches and prepare for a new one, by applying the gesso on the last raw canvas I have brought from Toronto.


Maintaining the Rhythm

The real challenge is not to achieve something rather it is to maintain it. And, this has been the case. I am rotating between the three projects by working a few hours on each of them.


Textures and Multitasking

The concentrated attention provided by this time in residence opens the self to wonder. The impulse to look for something and experiment can be pursued as the means to feed artistic investigation. This time and this space are especially reserved for that…


Getting into the Zone

I am entering into the second week of my residence and I can feel that my soul is only now arriving here to meet my body. It is an Brazilian indian idea that if someone travels too fast, the soul will be able to catch up only later on. There are these st…


“…cultivate language based on our emotions that help to amplify our felt experience”

Reflecting over weight versus content, I see how much all the care on packing my paintings materials to bring them to Krumlov has paid off. Particularly, the raw canvas and the Golden Paint’s gesso made it worth to deal with backpain for more than three…


My first ‘Krumlov’ painting

The internal discipline I was anxious about turned out to be something much more practical. To build a routine by defining a daily schedule seems to be working. As it is too hot to work in the morning at my open air studio I embraced the limitation and turned it into liberation.


Mourning for the Stolen Artworks

The diptych with my portraits of Claro Cosco was stolen from my studio last weekend. I am still mourning its loss as the composition included relief prints of sixteen plates and an acrylic on canvas. Losing a piece like this is like losing a beloved one.


What Replaces Sittings?

Maybe it is really the technology that changed our relationship with time, in particular in relation with the will to be available for sittings and generously help an artist. I had this agonizing experiment by trying to put my beloved family together to…

Canvas Ritual

Preparing the canvas is such an important ritual. It is like getting ready to give birth and from it all what was just an ideal in potential becomes something concrete. The canvas starts having a life on its own. I keep adding up layers of gesso and some…

Stretching Canvas

I have been stretching canvases all afternoon.