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“The Stories about That Chair”

From my balcony, I look at that chair. Each season, it shows itself differently. In the Summer, the chair can barely be spotted, as it sits behind the tree leaves of a third floor back […]


Electrotinted Deep Blacks: Nitric Acid (Zinc) vs. Electricity (Copper)

Even though I first started working as a professional photographer back in 1978, it was only nine years ago, after I had left behind a two decade career as a lawyer when I got into printmaking. It all started at George Hawken’s print studio at the Univer…


Fascinated by Electro-Etching, Solar Plates and other Experiments.

Getting organize has been my mantra for the last months. Everything that I wanted to make depended on getting the materials and equipment. All took time to find, get over the Canadian border, to be assembled and teste. It helps a lot to have that my hu…


Alternative Supports for Photo-Montage Intaglio Prints

I have been working on my landscapes series for about 8 months. Testing the ImagOn performance on alternative supports to copper, as plexiglass when not exposing the plate to etching produced surprising results.The “Church from the Bridge” print has…


It is not only about the process actually it is mostly about the image.

While the process is quite important when working with photo-imaging, the imaging part of it became my main focus lately. As I further got control over the process, in terms of preparing the copper plates and having the image registration imprinted, I…


Futher Exploring ImagOn for Processing Images

Since I finished my colour investigantion in Intaglio I have been working to improve my skill on processing images with ImagOn.  


Full Moon

I do not have much to say. I am just back from the concert and it was really so suberb that I have no words. I would not like to miss the blissfull musical resonance for nothing. It is full moon and I think that the dots are my notes.


Textures and Multitasking

The concentrated attention provided by this time in residence opens the self to wonder. The impulse to look for something and experiment can be pursued as the means to feed artistic investigation. This time and this space are especially reserved for that…