Alternative Supports for Photo-Montage Intaglio Prints


I have been working on my landscapes series for about eight months. Testing the ImagOn performance on alternative supports to copper, as plexiglass when not exposing the plate to etching produced surprising results. “Church from the Bridge” print has been developed on plexiglass. And, the “Vanishing Point from Bridge’s Rail” was layered on copper.

Plexiglass is a cheaper alternative to copper that works quite well and are easier to find in several sizes, something that motivates to produce prints much larger than the previous ones. Four colors were combined to print the “Metaphors.” Its image was made on acetate using scissors and transparent tape. ImagOn was developed on a single copper plate and inked four times as carefully sculpting the plate and building on it. Working with AKUA water based inks and manipulating the inks with magnesium, transparent base, retarders and other available media significantly improves control over saturation and viscosity. Too many possibilities open by now. It feels a bit disturbing while also quite motivating.


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