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“The Stories about That Chair”

From my balcony, I look at that chair. Each season, it shows itself differently. In the Summer, the chair can barely be spotted, as it sits behind the tree leaves of a third floor back […]


“You are Listening” Exhibition March 24 – April 22, 2017 George Gilmour Member’s Gallery Open Studio Artists Collective, Toronto

  From Production Mode to Exhibition Mode   Printmaking is intriguing. Printmaking is very technical. In printmaking, the learning curve is steep. It took me a decade of dedication to build a body of works […]


Emmotional Geographies of Kensington Market, Toronto

The symbol of Kensington Market, where the local and the global meet. Diversity is represented by stores’ owners who translated their ethnicities in terms of what is local and unique. An image that communicates what […]


Philosophical Construct Behind Collecting Art

  “Artworld,” (detail) Cardboard, String, Mixed Media          One of the most intriguing aspects of a collection of artefacts is what criteria guided the collector’s selective process and what emotions are expressed […]


Angel Wen from The Dreamworld

      The images of Wen have shown up in my dreams for several years. The apparition of a moving figure, with wings and identifiable features. I welcome Wen’s visits in my dreams for […]


Beyond The Technique to Creative Coaching

Getting into the zone is already a great thing in terms of making artworks. Above all, staying in it and progressing into a creative flow is something even more special. This sense of accomplishment, of […]