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About copper sulphate electroetching


“The Stories about That Chair”

From my balcony, I look at that chair. Each season, it shows itself differently. In the Summer, the chair can barely be spotted, as it sits behind the tree leaves of a third floor back […]


“You are Listening” Exhibition March 24 – April 22, 2017 George Gilmour Member’s Gallery Open Studio Artists Collective, Toronto

  From Production Mode to Exhibition Mode   Printmaking is intriguing. Printmaking is very technical. In printmaking, the learning curve is steep. It took me a decade of dedication to build a body of works […]


Beyond The Technique to Creative Coaching

Getting into the zone is already a great thing in terms of making artworks. Above all, staying in it and progressing into a creative flow is something even more special. This sense of accomplishment, of […]


I am an Alchemist! Halfway into the Residency at Crujera’s Studio – San Felipe, Las Palmas, Canary Islands

The last two weeks have been a total immersion into learning several alternative techniques for etching copper and zinc plates using electrochemical processes. The electrolytic method is extremely effective for etching, offering varied ways to […]


Packing for Artist in Residence on Printmaking @ Las Palmas, Canary Islands

I am going to Las Palmas, Canary Islands, for an Artist Residency in Printmaking. Alfonso Crujera, master printmaker and author of the book “Electro-Etching Handbook: a safe, non-toxic approach” (2013) has been my guide for […]


Electrotinted Deep Blacks: Nitric Acid (Zinc) vs. Electricity (Copper)

Even though I first started working as a professional photographer back in 1978, it was only nine years ago, after I had left behind a two decade career as a lawyer when I got into printmaking. It all started at George Hawken’s print studio at the Univer…


Electroetching: Easy, Precise and Very Clean Process

ElectroEtching stands for Baking while Ferric Acid (Copper) and/or Nitric Acid (zinc) stands for Frying. Etching is somehow analog to cooking. Cooking plates, creating a harmonic greyscale as flavours for our eyes.It does take a bit longer to electroEt…


Fascinated by Electro-Etching, Solar Plates and other Experiments.

Getting organize has been my mantra for the last months. Everything that I wanted to make depended on getting the materials and equipment. All took time to find, get over the Canadian border, to be assembled and teste. It helps a lot to have that my hu…