Fascinated by Electro-Etching, Solar Plates and other Experiments.

IMG_20120731_121537Getting organized has been my mantra for the last months. Everything that I wanted to make depended on getting the materials and using new equipment. All took time to find, from finding who could sell copper-sulfate to assemble the electro-etching components to waiting several weeks get it delivered over the Canadian border, and this is only one example. It helps a lot to have that Tony is a physicist and interested in the processes.

Alfonso Crujera, a printmaker from Spain responsible for perfecting electro-etching, has helped a lot giving advice and constantly exchanging emails. Now, electro-etching is working perfectly. I did not want to etch using acids at my home studio.

The workshop I attended on June at CCP-Centre for Contemporary Printmaking in Connecticut- New York (http://www.contemprints.org/)were memorable. Antony Kirk is an amazing printmaker and I am thankful to him for all the care and attention given his Photo-Intaglio workshop. Not only have I acquired more specific information on how to prepare the images and etch the plates but above all it made me realize that I had to renovate my studio and upgrade my equipment. And, this is what I have been doing for a couple of weeks.
I have painted my studio, organized my tools, and I am on the process of building an inking table and a light box. The studios at CCP inspired me. I loved to stay at Helen Frankenthaler’s cottage/studio. The presses, the “every tool has a home” applied principle showed me that the organization (together with an efficient equipment) is essential to produce what I am aiming for.

Meanwhile, I have been using my Toronto home studio for printmaking and I work on my paintings at the cottage. It seems to be easier to have the materials separated and organized that way.
So far, Summer 2012 has been great for painting and making photos of nature and landscape at Muskoka region and at Algonquin Park.

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