It is not only about the process actually it is mostly about the image.

Nature WinterSmWhile the process is quite important when working with photo-imaging, the imaging part of it became my main focus lately. As I further got control over the process, in terms of preparing the copper plates and having the image registration imprinted, I noticed that several of the results I was heading to could be easier to achieve if I had previously integrated those elements in the making of the acetate. It is much easier to fix things on the imaging stage than by inking, wiping and/or printing it.
Definitely, I will put much more effort and attention into working on the image from now on. I also need to improve my skills on creating collages and exploring new technologies. Up to now, I have used scissors, tape and glue combined with basic digital design Prints-18knowledge to prepare my acetates when working with ImagOn. As a result of the later research, it is clear to me that acquiring more competence with Photoshop and being able to carefully prepare the image before developing the plate is essential to achieve the results I look for in my prints.
There is no doubt that lots of improvements were made in terms of controlling the process. In particular, I am very happy working with Akua Inks and how much you can get from their pigments once you start experimenting with different viscosities and blending media.  Now the real fun starts. And the photo-imaging etching stuff offers ground for expression yet be to discovered.

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