Textures and Multitasking

The focused attention provided by my time in residence has opened my self to wonder.

The impulse to look for something and experiment has to be pursued as the means to feed artistic investigation. This time and space are especially reserved for that. Better than this? To get more of it!

Richard Deming’s article in Summer 2010 ArtForum (pp 107-108) mentions textures in the discussion of Stan Brakhage’s (1933-2004) avantgarde films. There are quite a few of Brakhage’s films on YouTube.

So, the article has inspired me to look for textures.  I took my camera and went around taking pictures of textures. Textures and marks of time. The texture of a renaissance wall, the texture of an old tree, the texture of splashing water and so many time-related textures available. I started documenting and cataloguing these textures. By looking for and at textures my senses have sharpened. As if a veil was lifted, I could see and sense the textures’ other dimensions.

Textures-11Textures-8 Textures-6Textures-2-2

Lost in wonder I started drawing. Drawing is such a good way to warm up for painting and for relaxing. I should never forget that: when feeling stuck, blocked, or in doubt, take a pencil and start drawing. By starting with just a dot, then pulling a line, shapes and forms come out naturally, in a spontaneous motion. Multitasking is an effective antidote against boredom. I need to take my mind away from one task for awhile.

cooling breeze
The distance clarifies vision. Dealing with three projects at the same time keeps me alert. Drawing is like strengthening, provides the relaxing feel. I am translating into the drawing the feeling of a cool breeze touching my face in a hot Summer day.

My second “indoors” project is a painting that I had visualized during my dream three nights ago. I woke up and scratched the apparition. Now, it is an oil on paper floating in greens.

dream_detail2 dream_state2
The “outdoors” project is an acrylic on canvas, more focused on the composition and my perception of placement retreated here at Milkwood Artist Residence, where I am by myself at the building.

This sense of dynamism has made this Sunday more eventful.

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