Several more Dots and Cobalt Blue

I am still embarking my self in applying the dots on the canvas. It is like breathing in and breathing out, synchronized, the release of the brush with paint and then removing it.

I worked today with my new brushes and they are really very good. I bought yesterday, in a little gallery in Krumlov. These most amazing  ‘made in Germany’ brushes do not cost much. I paid around Cd$ 2.00 for a mid to large size brush. It is not natural hair, as I am working with acrylics, but the fibre is better than most of my other brushes. I will try to get more art supplies in Prague.

Today was one of these bright sunny days. Such a nice day that my across the river neighbour was doing her ironing on her bikini, at her backyard. I am not as good, I hardly do any ironing.ironing1

The blue sky make me try to find the closest blue to it, try to get the right saturation and shade. Maybe, the blue can look like cerulean but it is not as bright. I believe it is closest to cobalt blue with a small percentage of ultramarine to make it darker, due to the later summer lights. I will make notes and fill a container with it for future use and reference. I am still working on it.

Tomorrow, before Tony and Tom arrive here at the end of the afternoon, I will start a new canvas. Having a new canvas waiting for me will help to maintain some level of activity, especially with the family around. It is important that the internal discipline and the working schedule built during these weeks on residence are preserved. Then, I know that when back to Toronto I will be able to harmonize my family life with painting and working on my other projects.

The good news are also that with Tony and Tom here I will have to re-visit most of the exhibitions I have already enjoyed.

 I am looking forward for their arrival.

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