Creativity Flows in Harmony with the Heavy Snow Fall

For the last months, I have started dozens of artworks but I have not finished any of them. They seem to be waiting for my attention at the studio, to be awaken from a static state as suspended in time.
These paintings and plates are pulsating in my mind, potentially waiting for action and closure.

It can be hard to determine when the work is finished. Most of the time, the work is finished when we reach the point that if more changes are introduced it will became something else, and it will lose its original identity. At the same time, there are moments we need to put a dynamic energy to overcome such a stagnant mood. Leave the past behind. Use all the “transformative powers” available at the moment.

It is time to mix colors.

Enjoy the pleasure to use my palette knives on smooth surfaces.

It is time to dance with brushes in hand.

It is time to roll inks on plates and work just for the spirit of artistic freedom and nothing else.

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