OMG how do I dare to be cute?

Turning Left

These conflicting sensations take over my artistic soul again.

How do I dare to want to be cute?

Yes, I was told more than once that if I wanted to be an artist I could not produce “cute” things.

However, the naked truth is that I like to be cute, if I can manage to be. And, achieving cuteness has a quality in it that deserves recognition.

Cuteness is archaic for sure.

So archaic that can carry the meaning of an act of resistance. Cuteness has the weight of tradition, particularly in the context of feminist resistance.

Even though people have become to hate “cute art” – and the reference to women artists making art between housework breaks -, after being a lawyer for more than thirty years, I have quite got used to be hated.

I believe I can handle being “cute”. It feels like going full cycle.

So, let the cutest dots, lines, shapes and colours come to me!

The meaning of cute brings a kind of warmth to life.

Cute should feel like a hug, a kiss, a touch, a massage in the heart.

Cute feels like someone is holding your hand.

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