My Heart is Into Dots.

healingScars_state1dt healing_state4d1 healing_state4 healing_state5d2 healing_state5d3 healing_final3d3

The painting with the dots is progressing. Each dot is intentional and deliberately affirmative. Each dot has an individuality. I do not want to make them into a conglomeration, a collective packed together. The dot has to remain a dot as much as possible, not become a patch.

The patches are another thing. Layered, they are combined with the dots to create a rhythm, a cadence perceived by the eyes and I would dream even by the smell. I was wondering what would be the colour of the cooling wind after the rain? What is the colour of the smell of fresh cut grass?

I made a yellow-green with some interference blue paint that hopes to emulate the freshness of newly cut grass. It is just another intention invested into  ‘Healing,’ state 5, acrylic on canvas.

It is full moon. Tony and Tom will arrive in Krumlov on Monday. My time of solitude is practically over. I am glad I will be able to share with them some of my treasured spaces here.

Tony and I have made daily Skype or telephone calls every day since the first day I arrived in Prague and then came to Krumlov, almost four weeks ago. Tony has been my pillar and he has been so enthusiastic about my work. I wished I had the same self-assurance, but it is not the case.

There is so much to learn. And, still so many dots waiting for me, progressing, expressing each its own individuality. Meanwhile, the healing process advances, from one state to the next, from the body and the mind projected into the painting.

The mood is set by the full Moon shinning on the Vltava river under my little window. And, I wish to keep it adventurous as it is raining and I have tickets to an open air concert of Virtuosi Pragenses at Krumlov’s Kooperativa Garden. This is a night out, raincoat style.

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