I am leaving in a few hours to Czech Republic to start my Artist in Residence Program at Milkwood Creative Retreat. Milkwood Artist Residence is dedicated to the international exchange of artists and scholars. Situated in South Bohemia, Czech Republic, Milkwood offers residents and guests a fully equipped apartment in the historic district of Cesky Krumov, a UNESCO heritage site.

My painting materials have been carefully packed. Actually, I packed, unpacked and repacked about five times – this shows the energy that has been built in antecipation of this journey.
I am fully aware of how much painting, printmaking and art in general is important for my emotional and spiritual wellbeing (avoiding here the word “survival”). However, I am also very aware of how much concentration and dedication painting requires. Time is a big factor. I just turned 49 years old last month and this gives a sense of urgency. Colors, textures, images, all are translated/transformed into compositions in my mind, creating a certain tension to materialize.
Tomorrow I will be in Prague, visiting relatives and galeries for two days.

I will be writing here daily.

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