Pipilotti Rist: poetics, beauty and pro-aesthetics

Finally, I got my ‘Identity: Young Artists’  investigation at the point I could start the sketches and exploring the composition. I have four participants and the schedule to start the sittings and the interviews is on going. By trying to see the world through Claro Cosco’s eyes I took the time to look at one of his favorite artists: Pipilotti Rist.

Pipilotti Rist uses her art to lift people’s spirits and for feeling content. She explains her installation at the MOMA, its aesthetics and sophisticated technology.

I saw Pipilotti’s work for the first time, the installation called Ever is all over (1997), at Ydessa Hendeles Art Foundation (778 King Street West, Toronto) and it really transported me to a different dimension. It is liberating and celebrates ‘beauty’ in all its most pro-aesthetics way. Conceptually, Pipilotti’s work is the reverse of the anti-aesthetics trend. It is the ‘archaic’ that becomes the ‘new.’

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