To Choose or to Be Chosen: This is the Feminist Question

I come from a family where to discover and shape myself as a political being was the mandate of life. Even the experiences at the university were mainly to shape the person as a citizen of the world and enable her/him to make a difference. My grandfather used to say that what you learn at the corridors are more important than what you learn in the classrooms. Andrade Figueira also used to say ‘be careful: it’s ok to die with a flag in your hands but not by getting run over by a car because you don;t pay attention when crossing the street.’

The independent, the ‘self-made’ and the ‘if my life is a film I am the director of it,’ translated into a feminist from early age. The feminism that empowers the woman as the active, as the one who chooses and not the ones who are chosen and enter in a relationship because she is liked. Of course, there are two ways in a relationship but I don’t know if the young generation recognize their active role and have this sense of agency. I have chosen badly and well in life and because it was my choice I took the responsibility to change what was not working and this has made possible to build a lovingly and respectful relationship with a partner. Though, to keep up with it is a daily thing.

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