Monthly Archives: July 2010


“…cultivate language based on our emotions that help to amplify our felt experience”

Reflecting over weight versus content, I see how much all the care on packing my paintings materials to bring them to Krumlov has paid off. Particularly, the raw canvas and the Golden Paint’s gesso made it worth to deal with backpain for more than three…


My first ‘Krumlov’ painting

The internal discipline I was anxious about turned out to be something much more practical. To build a routine by defining a daily schedule seems to be working. As it is too hot to work in the morning at my open air studio I embraced the limitation and turned it into liberation.


Dobrý Den (Good Morning)

Dobry Den (Good Morning) Advancing from “Thinking” to “Doing”, including getting my recycled plastic containers for mixing paints, took not only intention and time but also lots of organization and learning. I have not started painting yet, though I have been working with ideas and making drafts with my pastels.



I am leaving to Czech Republic today to start my Artist in Residence Program at Milkwood