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Electroetching: Easy, Precise and Very Clean Process

ElectroEtching stands for Baking while Ferric Acid (Copper) and/or Nitric Acid (zinc) stands for Frying. Etching is somehow analog to cooking. Cooking plates, creating a harmonic greyscale as flavours for our eyes.It does take a bit longer to electroEt…


Falling in Love with the Image

Everything happens at the right place in the right moment. Processing images is not different. Once the conditions are met, and the necessary mechanical means provided, the image blossoms into full existence. The image takes the artist by heart. Any resistance is futile! One can say that the effort pays for the results.


The See-through Effect and Transparency Achieved with Golden Medium GAC-200

For quite a long time I have been experimenting with materials to get transparency on layering my paintings.Many different medium were used to work through the layers without success. Acrylic paints, gels, diverse range of oils and glazing did not p…


Atelier @ Harp Lake (Muskoka)

It is difficult to describe how enjoyable it is to be painting by the lake. In special, during the Summer and Fall, I can get busy while also having time for kayak trips and late swims in the lake.

The necessary sauna purification daily ritual and fre…


OMG how do I dare to be cute?

These conflicting sensations take over my artistic soul again.How do I dare to want to be cute?Yes, I was told more than once that if I wanted to be an artist I could not produce “cute” things.However, the naked truth is that I like to be cute.


Creativity Flows in Harmony with the Heavy Snow Fall

For the last months, I have started dozens of artworks but I have not finished any of them. They seem to be waiting for my attention at the studio to awaken from a static state as suspended in time. These paintings and plates are pulsating in my mind,…


Lack of Time Management Skills or Artist’s Block?

There are times when the shift happens and the subject is perceived as looking at me instead of me looking at it. These are magical moments in art making. These are moments when I get into the “zone” and images come freely into my mind, well defined as t…


Printmaking Travel Kit, Post-Modernity and Worldview

Lately, I have been dividing my time between Canada and Sao Paulo. Therefore, I have tried to integrate the two places into my life style and schedules making sure I have a studio to work either here in Toronto or in Sao Paulo. I also try to have a kitch…


Fascinated by Electro-Etching, Solar Plates and other Experiments.

Getting organize has been my mantra for the last months. Everything that I wanted to make depended on getting the materials and equipment. All took time to find, get over the Canadian border, to be assembled and teste. It helps a lot to have that my hu…


Alternative Supports for Photo-Montage Intaglio Prints

I have been working on my landscapes series for about 8 months. Testing the ImagOn performance on alternative supports to copper, as plexiglass when not exposing the plate to etching produced surprising results.The “Church from the Bridge” print has…


It is not only about the process actually it is mostly about the image.

While the process is quite important when working with photo-imaging, the imaging part of it became my main focus lately. As I further got control over the process, in terms of preparing the copper plates and having the image registration imprinted, I…


Futher Exploring ImagOn for Processing Images

Since I finished my colour investigantion in Intaglio I have been working to improve my skill on processing images with ImagOn.