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Alternative Supports for Photo-Montage Intaglio Prints

I have been working on my landscapes series for about 8 months. Testing the ImagOn performance on alternative supports to copper, as plexiglass when not exposing the plate to etching produced surprising results.The “Church from the Bridge” print has…


It is not only about the process actually it is mostly about the image.

While the process is quite important when working with photo-imaging, the imaging part of it became my main focus lately. As I further got control over the process, in terms of preparing the copper plates and having the image registration imprinted, I…


Futher Exploring ImagOn for Processing Images

Since I finished my colour investigantion in Intaglio I have been working to improve my skill on processing images with ImagOn.  


Methodical Persistence Throughout my “Colour Investigation in Intaglio” Project

By being able to compare perfomancees…


When What You See Is Not What You Get

I have been working on grey tones for most of the Summer. It has been a great summer and painting at the cottage, close to nature, is very inspiring.


Almost Completed: Working on Gray Tones

The project Color Investigation in Intaglio is almost complete and the color references for the Graphic Chemicals’ oil inks are already displayed at the print studio at the Visual Studies Department. Hopefully, it will help students and the direct visual…


“Colour Investigation in Intaglio” Project; Later Developments

Colour Investigation in Intaglio:Later DevelopmentsDue to this project’s educational purposes I switched from making prints exploring hues individually to making swatches an displaying them on a board to be hang at the print studio. I believe that…


Saturated Colours

I am very happy to be back to Professor George Hawken’s print studio at the University of Toronto. The search for the bright saturated colours in the Intaglio prints continues with the contribution of Claro Cosco, a young artist who I deeply admire.


Oxidation: The Challenge of Moody Inks Interacting with Copper Plate

While the unpredictability of printmaking can provide surprising rewards, exploring a diverse range of chemical reactions and their impact on the colors is very intriguing.


Intaglio in Black. Plate interaction with Ink

How to fully document the process became a priority for the success of my Color Investigation in Intaglio. Even when I thought I was being diligent I ended up neglecting some data that I missed to reconstruct the etching stages. When working with multipl…


Mourning for the Stolen Artworks

The diptych with my portraits of Claro Cosco was stolen from my studio last weekend. I am still mourning its loss as the composition included relief prints of sixteen plates and an acrylic on canvas. Losing a piece like this is like losing a beloved one.

Editions almost ready

2:10 am and I just arrived from the print studio. They were quite good improvements and I could see progress in both plates, the ‘gesture’ and ‘bernini’s. While to be standing for more than 9 hours without any food printmaking is rewarding for me. I real…